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Keeping a Light On for HBO's The Wire



Wireposter I know ratings are down and critics seems to be the only folks still excited, but I'm still keeping a light on for HBO's The Wire.

Pound for pound one of the best TV shows ever, The Wire seems dedicated to producing television that challenges its audience. And while stepping on the treadmill last night I stumbled on a cool tribute to that attitude: The Wire Pre-quels.

They are way-cool scenes featuring some of the show's coolest characters in long-ago setting. We see Prop Joe's early childhood as a dealmaker, Omar's first steps as a heistman with an unusual moral code, and the first time Bunk and McNulty share a bottle.

For fans, it's the ultimate bon bon; tasty morsels of programming which only reinforce the stuff we've come to love about these complicated cats. Click through to Amazon's home for these clips -- you can also download them as video podcasts from iTunes -- for something to get you through the dark days of American Gladiators and Celebrity Apprentice.

Here's Prop Joe's prequel:


Omar's Early story is here:


See Bunk and McNulty meet here:


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