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Kendrick Meek gets endorsement from Bubba the Love Sponge, while Today show profiles opponent Jeff Greene



bubba2.jpgU.S. Senate Democratic primary hopeful Kendrick Meek picked up an unusual endorsement this morning; Tampa shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem pronounced Meek to be "like one of us, a regular guy" in a near-hourlong appearance on his program.

As noted before, Clem has welcomed politicians ranging from Alex Sink, currently seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, to the state's current governor-turned independent Senate hopeful, Charlie Crist. Meek became the latest office seeker to try tapping Clem's audience of fans, often referred to as Bubba's Army, for help in a tough race.

Meek let Clem take the toughest shots at his opponent, as the shock jock denounced billionaire Jeff Grenne as a "scumbag" who wouldn't get his vote, regardless of the opposition.  The candidate seemed most relaxed when talking personal stuff, less so when trying to answer a question about whether some legislation has too much "pork"spending in it. ("I like it fried," he quipped, before launching into an involved answer.)

NBC's Today show aired a short profile on billionaire candidate Greene, featuring correspondent Norah O'Donnell tooling around with him on a golf cart through his Palm Beach neighborhood. The story offered a quick look at how much money he's spent -- $23-million, according to her story -- and featured a couple of quotes from Meek criticizing how his opponent earned his fortune.

It's little more than a primer for folks who may not have been paying attention -- you probably know more about the race just from seeing the candidates' incessant attack ads against each other.

Still, it was a notable story on TV's highest-rated morning show the day before an important election.

See the story below:

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[Last modified: Monday, August 23, 2010 10:09am]


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