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Lisa Rinna's commercials for adult diaper Depend: Fearless or Fail?



lisa-rinna-main.jpgShe's only 48, and is better known for her questionable taste in plastic surgery than any problems with incontinence.

But soap opera star and reality TV fixture Lisa Rinna has popped up in an attention-getting clutch of commercials for the adult diaper product Depends, showing off a new model designed to look good underneath sleek, sexy clothing.

The intent of the commercial is admirable, taking the subject of adult incontinence and trying to put it on the table in a way that takes some sting out of the conversation.

But I gotta admit feeling a lot like Rinna's B-movie actor husband Harry Hamlin looks whenever I watch the two of them in these cheesy ads.

Hamlin's look of bewildered discomfort not only mirrors my emotions while watching this train wreck on Monday night, it may also reflect the expression of anyone who winds up using this product (too much?)

Rinna, who also reportedly snagged a $225,000 donation for charity (how much did she get paid in addition, I wonder?), has said the commercial is about challenging traditional notions of female beauty, among other things.

Frankly, I think Ashley Judd did that a lot better in her essay for the Daily Beast clobbering commentators for know-nothing commentary about her puffy face.

But check out the ads below and see what you think: Fearless commentary or horrific media fail?


[Last modified: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 12:23pm]


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