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Little girls send a message to Lil' Wayne in viral video: Stop disrespecting women, please



watoto-10-year-old.jpgSometimes it takes a little child to show adults the way. Or maybe a few.

Watoto from the Nile is a really young rap group -- girls aged 10, 9 and 5 -- from Baltimore who craft tunes with their dad, outspoken record label/bookstore owner Jabari Natur.

Together, the family has crafted an amazing YouTube video gently criticizing crass hip hop star Lil’ Wayne for “calling women out their name,” and glorifying drug use. lil-wayne-bm01.jpg


The video plays like a message from the youngest fans possible, asking a hero of the game to maybe slow his roll a little bit, because others like them are listening.

(For a look at how hard that message can be to deliver, check this story I did back in 2007 about a PBS video which made the same points).

Sample lyric: “And people say 'No to drugs, but tell me who should I trust?' You or them? Are you promoting something? It's time our people stop the fronting.”

It seems this is a message their father has delivered before -- the website for his Solvivaz Records also features a DVD denouncing the "genocidal messages in commercial hip hop." And I have no idea what else Natur may stand for.

But this video takes that bracing message and puts it in a much cuter package, with the girls calling him "Mr. Wayne" and apologizing for their complaints.

As a bonus, the music is sly and compelling, too -- taken from Wayne's own song I'm Single. Only question left: is “Mr. Wayne” listening?

(Many thanks to Times researcher Caryn Baird for first tipping me to this.)

[Last modified: Thursday, March 3, 2011 4:12pm]


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