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Local professor's Freedom Riders film among Peabody award winners



freedomridersposter-72.jpgFreedom Riders, the PBS documentary based on a landmark book by University of South Florida St. Petersburg Professor Ray Arsenault, was among three films credited for winning the American Experience series a George Foster Peabody Award -- one of the most prestigious honors in electronic media.

American Experience was among 38 Peabody award recipients announced today by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, citing the best in electronic media for he year 2011.

Other recipients included the Showtime series Homeland, the HBO series Treme and Game of Thrones, IFC's Portlandia and Comedy Central's Colbert Report. Several news organizations were honored for projects connected to reporting on the Arab Spring, including CNN, NPR and Al Jazeera English.

Click here to see the full list of winners.

Below is a little more detail with a partial list of winners:

CNN’s Reporting of the Arab Spring including Worldwide Coverage: Egypt –Wave of Discontent and Uprising in Libya (CNN)
With seasoned correspondents already stationed throughout the Middle East, CNN was prepared when revolution began to leap like wildfire across the region. (
An outgrowth of a 1984 conference that brought together leaders in technology, entertainment and design (TED), the site makes creative thinkers and their ideas available everywhere, anytime. 

American Experience (PBS)
Three exceptional documentaries – Triangle Fire, Freedom Riders and Stonewall Uprising – are recognized this year under the banner of this grand American history anthology. 

The Colbert Report – Super PAC Segments (Comedy Central)
Launching his own Super PAC as a satirical protest against megabucks politics, Colbert mixed cerebral comedy with inspired sight gags, interviews and preposterously funny monologues.

mandy-patinkin.jpgHomeland (Showtime)
This serial drama from Showtime is a game of cat and mouse, a psychological thriller and a Rorschach test of post-9/11 doubts, fears and suspicions rolled into one.

Tremé (HBO)
The storylines snake and swoop like an unhurried jazz jam in this rich drama in which everyday people get on with life in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Portlandia (IFC)
A funhouse mirror reflection of Portland, Oregon, a city that takes its progressivism – and its diet – very seriously. The satire is fresh, organic and cage-free.

Game of Thrones (HBO)
Adapted from dark-age fantasy books by George R.R. Martin, the series immerses viewers in a multilayered, distinctly imagined world of mysticism and earthiness, fidelity and deceit, wonder and mayhem.

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Inside Syria (CBS)
With a small, disguised camera and no crew, CBS correspondent Clarissa Ward entered Syria posing as a tourist. Her courageous, undercover reporting gave viewers a rare, close-up glimpse of a country falling toward civil war.

Parks and Recreation (NBC)
This shrewd, good-natured comedy about parks department staff in Pawnee, Indiana, never condescends or caricatures. Instead it confronts the characters with problems from the trivial to the serious.



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