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The long national nightmare ends: Kate Gosselin is kicked off Dancing with the Stars



Gosselin3 Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin may have been the biggest bee-yotch to ever strap on a pair of stilettos for Dancing with the Stars.

But when she finally got the boot on Tuesday's show, host Tom Bergeron wasn't above wallowing in her failure a bit, waving off broadcast of a pre-taped tribute to dig a little deeper into the sexto-mom's bizarre justifications for being both unenthusiastic about performing and supremely snarked off that she got ejected.

"I was scared to death most of the time," said a teary Gosselin, whipping out the "pity me" card she flashed often after showing her caustic side on the reality show which first built her fame. "It takes a lot to do this."

One thing it takes, for example, is a willingness to learn from the professional instructor. And a bit of talent as a performer. And the will to push yourself past harsh judging and low scores to show improvement in a way the show's voting audience seems to love.

None of which Gosselin seemed willing or capable of doing. By her last performance Monday, she was essentially sleepwalking through her dance moves, floating the excuse that her kids had come to visit her (another essential point in Gosselin's M.O. -- whenever someone criticizes you, blame your shortcomings on your sacrifices for your children).

Gosselin Still Gosselin played the diva to the last moment, pausing before answering the first of Begeron's questions, saying "I need a moment." Eventually, she would thank the audience "for believing in me more than I believed in myself."

What was obvious - Gosselin had checked out and expected to be voted off this week. So why work hard, when you know the hangman's noose is coming anyway?

All the reality TV trickery in the world couldn't hide her awful attitude and non-existent dance skills -- this cycle's funniest moment remains when an acting coach was hired to teach her to show anger, and her expression never changed.

Beyond the Wicked Witch of the East, this cycle's DWTS continues to be a tough road for the tabloid-magnet women brought in to build the show's pop culture buzz. Though Niecy Nash and Bachelor dud Jake Pavelka deserved low scores more, bombshell Pamela Anderson landed alongside Gosselin in the bottom two, presumably because the show's female audience hates her pneumatically enhanced figure almost as much as Gosselin's crappy attitude.

Before long, she'll be gone as well and the series will get back to its traditional formula -- pitting skilled athlete Evan Lysacek against dancing pop star Nicole Scherzinger with Tampa's own Erin Andrews along as a dark horse contender.

Producers should be proud; they finally realized the show doesn't need a cast of thousands to build interest -- just a few carefully selected tabloid magnets to get the gossip rags going, building public interest as the real competition begins.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:07pm]


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