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As Lost finale approaches Sunday, my Five Theories on "The End"

Ben-bttn As you would expect from a card-carrying Lost obsessive, I have created a package of stories for Sunday's Floridian commemorating the end of TV's most complex drama series.

To whet your whistle and get the endless Lost theorizing started, I present here my own five leading theories on how this will all end Sunday (there's a daylong orgy of Lost programming on ABC, including a two-hour retrospective at 7 p.m., 2 1/2 hour finale episode at 9 p.m. and hourlong celebration on a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live at 12:05 p.m.)

Sawyer-bttn None of these theories are based on the various spoilers floating around or any inside knowledge. It's just the harried musings of a critic who has gobbled up every episode of the finale season and finds himself increasingly glad that producers chose an end date and then turned in the most ambitious slate of episodes in network television history.

  Here's my leading theories on the episode titled "The End":

1) Our castaways must choose between the sideways world and core reality: Since choice is such a key theme – every major event in Lost history has centered on it – I’m thinking our losties will face the ultimate choice; preserve the world where the island exists or move into the sideways universe where so many of their friends are still alive and their lives are more fulfilling.

2) With Jack as the new Jacob, Sawyer kills the Smoke Monster to become the new Man in Black: I’ve always seen the island as a huge redemption machine for humanity, and to keep that machine running, you need a caretaker with faith in humanity and a oppositional force who lacks it. Sawyer, with his con man past, has no faith in most people and is the only character who wants to leave the island bad as Smokey does (And Hurley would make a perfect liason for Jack to the new humans brought to the island, like ageless Richard Alpert did for Jacob)

3) Ben Linus sacrifices himself to kill the Man in Black: As we saw on Tuesday, shifty Ben Linus seems to have joined forces with Smokey to try destroying the island. But I’m still hopeful manipulative murderer Linus will take one last stab at redemption himself, righting the wrong he caused by killing Jacob in murdering Smokey.

Desmond-bttn 4) The castaways in the sideways world unite to save the core reality: Even if Smokey is successful in destroying everyone on the island in his reality, there’s still a planeful of almost-castaways alive in the sideways universe. What if they all got back on Oceanic 815 and flew over the right spot at the right time to go back to the core reality and reset everything? The whole mess starts again with a close up on Jack’s fluttering eye.

5) It all was a fever dream had by Desmond Hume after a bad burrito: Just foolin’. Given Desmond’s status as a “failsafe” resistant to the electromagnetic energy within the island, perhaps he, working with his counterpart in the sideways world, figure out how to kill Smokey and save the day. Or he just wakes up.

Click below for a tiny taste of a scene from "The End"

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