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Lost producers tease with new video footage previewing final season



Lost-supper01311_105297c Now, they're just messing with us.

That's what I thought after checking out the clips ABC released over the weekend previewing the big returns Tuesday of the most mysterious series on television, Lost.

So paranoid about leaks that they didn't even use new footage in the early promotional ads, Lost producers just released one clip featuring hero Jack Shephard on an airplane after a hydrogen bomb explosion aimed at erasing the crash which stranded Jack and the rest of our castaways on the mysterious island.

(Apparently, this is the first four minutes of Tuesday's episode, LAX, given to fans who won a contest. See it by clicking here).

There's also another promotional clip which seems to feature images from the coming season, debuted during Desperate Housewives Sunday, showing Jack and the rest of castaways on the island. So which images are we supposed to believe?

And why do the producers enjoy torturing us so?

True to something I wrote years ago, I didn't try to predict the show's ending in my mega-tribute/catch-up feature on Lost in Sunday's newspaper. Instead, I tried to catch everybody up with the crucial characters, provide a little perspective on Lost's place in history and pick out 15 questions the series MUST answer.

I'm going to spend the season tracking down those answers and posting Team Lost's verdicts on this page right here. Feel free to let me know right here what you think the answers are, or what answers we missed (Lost-oholics LOVE doing that!).

Until the party gets started tomorrow night, check out the new footage below.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:05pm]


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