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Lost recap: Hurley proves love is all you reach the sideways reality



Hurleyandlibby1 Who knew the producers of Lost were such softies?

Last week, they gave us a Harlequin romance of an episode featuring Henry Ian Cusick's dreamboat castaway Desmond Hume searching out soulmate Penny Widmore -- discovering love may be the key to bridging the show's alternate realities.

And on Tuesday we got "Everybody Loves Hugo," an episode which doubled down on that action, showing Jorge Garcia's Hugo "Hurley"  Reyes meeting his doomed love Libby in the sideways world, accessing his memories of their life in the show's core reality after they unwittingly re-enact a picnic and kiss the two characters shared years ago as castaways on the island.

This week also marks another episode where producers were stingy with the revelations, after weeks of downloading so much information that Lost almost began to feel like a normal TV drama. You know, where the audience has some idea where the story is going?

We did learn a few things this week, however:

Michael -- The news that Harold Perrineau's Michael was returning to the show was accurate, even if he only appeared as a mournful ghost only Hugo can see. He dropped the most significant revelation of the episode -- that some souls are trapped on the island, unable to move on, presumably because of what they did while they were alive.

(I'm wondering why fellow castaway Miles (Ken Leung), who also communes with the dead, didn't realize this from the moment he landed on the island. Or why he seems to have such a tough time believing Hurley can see and speak to dead people, even though he can do that, too. Or why he doesn't try to sense what Hurley is seeing, himself. Or why his gift is so different than Hurley's. See how one Lost question can unravel many others -- like pulling the string on a ratty sweater?)

-- Thanks to his ability to switch consciousness between the reality where Oceanic 815 crashed on the island and the "sideways" world where it didn't, Desmond seems to be taking on the role island caretaker Jacob once occupied -- keeping an eye on sideways Hurley and running over sideways John Locke in his car.

(My only question: Was that payback for the way Locke threw him down a well in the core reality? Or is it necessary that Locke die in the sideways world to thwart the monster which has taken his shape in the core reality? Brain starting to hurt now.)

 Ilana -- Producers love taking out non-essential characters we have come to know by blowing them up. That's the only way to explain how bodyguard Ilana winds up blown to bits by unstable dynamite -- the same way junior high school teacher Leslie Arzt got capped in the show's first season. Both characters met their messy ends after a lecture about how unstable old dynamite can be; Lost's equivalent of the red-shirted crewmen on Star Trek who mostly went along on away missions mostly to get killed in a shocking manner.

-- I loved seeing Sawyer react to Hurley bringing several of our Losties to talk with the Smoke Monster who looks like John Locke. His passionate "son of a bitch" just added to the long litany of such exclamations Sawyer has made over the show's history. See more than a few of them by clicking here.

-- More evidence that immortal consigliere Richard Alpert never had the relationship with Jacob that Hurley does; when he argued "Jacob isn't telling us what to do, because Jacob never tells us what to do." But Jacob has often told Hurley what to do, from urging him to take Jack and leave the temple before the Smoke monster smoked everybody inside, to "suggesting" he get on Oceanic 815 in the first place. Wonder why Jacob never told Richard what to do?

-- Jack tells Hugo that he's learned how to let go of his need to control and fix situations. I've often felt the island was a place where lost souls like Jack are tested and pushed to find redemption and fulfillment. So far, it seems Jack and Desmond have made that journey successfully -- wonder if our other Losties will make it, too?

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