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Lost recap: Worlds converge as Jack finds himself bound to the island and the Smoke Monster Known as Locke



Lost-jack-guns In the complex, ever-shifting world of Lost, there's one way to get the audience's attention fast.

Start answering some questions.

So it was both jarring and satisfying to see Tuesday's episode, "The Last Recruit," kick off with a summit between damaged hero Jack Shephard and our resident villain, the Smoke Monster who looks like John Locke. Because their little chat dropped more answers to longtime Lost mysteries than we've seen in the last two weeks of episodes.

Turns out, our bad guy can only take the form of dead people -- which explains quite a bit -- and it was he who walked around the island looking like Jack's dead father in the show's early seasons. Not-Locke also hinted that the dead people he mimics have to be on the island, acknowledging that Jack's return with Locke's body helped him assume his last identity.

Small wonder that we got one more entry to stick on our page of 15 questions the finale season MUST answer. But with just four episodes left before the big two-hour wrap up, we better get a whole lot more scenes like this one.

The Monster's sales pitch is simple: now that powerful island caretaker Jacob is dead, they can all leave the place together. What he doesn't know: Jack is on his way to becoming the New Locke, buoyed by a growing bond to the island and faith  Lost-locke1 that he has a purpose there (he even steals one of Locke's lines while explaining why he won't join Sawyer and his fellow Losties on a boat ride to meet up with the Smoke Monster's foe, Charles Widmore: "The island's not done with us yet." Indeed.)

Given that Jack was brought there as one of the "candidates" pegged to replace Jacob in the first place, it's easy to see where this is going.

Which makes me suspicious. Because, on Lost, nothing is exactly what it seems.

Unfortunately, that's where most of the answers ended this week, as producers played with the notion that our Losties' lives are growing more intertwined in the alternate "sideways" reality where their plane never crashed on the island. And hunky, charismatic adventurer Desmond Hume, the one character who seems aware of both realities, is working more overtly to make that happen in the non-crash world.

What I dug this week:

Sawyer-cop1 -- Seeing Sawyer as a salty cop in the sideways world, busting Kate and Sayid at different times for murder. No matter how Lost ends this year, Sawyer and sideways world partner Miles Straume need to get their own, Magnum P.I.-style cop show. Quickly.

-- Watching sideways Desmond lead Aussie mother-to-be Claire Littleton to a lawyer's office, where she learns she is half-sister to Jack and named in his dead father's will. Cool as this moment was, it was hard to believe Jack would get this news and then rush off to perform surgery on Locke, shrugging off news that his father had a secret family with surprising ease. Doesn't Los Angeles have one other spinal surgeon besides him?

Lost-jinandsun-reunite2 -- Seeing Sun lose the aphasia which kept her from speaking English the moment she reunited with her husband, Jin. Of course, the moment he vowed that nothing would ever tear them apart again, you knew it was a hollow promise. After all, one of them is a candidate, and one isn't.

-- Hearing Sawyer's offhand description of pilot Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) as a guy who "looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie." More proof that Lost writers are pop culture geeks just like the rest of us.

Of course, there's questions, too:

-- Why isn't the show revealing who Jack is married to in the sideways world?

-- Why did the Smoke Monster send Sayid to kill Desmond, instead of doing it himself? You know, besides the fact that the writers probably wanted to keep Desmond alive and redeem Sayid.

-- Why is Widmore pounding Not-Locke's camp with explosive shells, when he knows it won't kill the monster? Is he willing to kill the candidates to make sure our villain doesn't get off the island?

And what's the meaning of this photo, now on the ABC PR website, which seems taken from next week's episode?


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