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As Lost's final season begins, help us figure: What questions does the finale HAVE to answer?



Lost-smokemonster  For me, it's all about the smoke monster.

After four seasons of picking through all the clues and conundrums filling ABC's mysterious drama Lost, the one question I need to see answered centers on the black, smoky creature which has killed several characters and appears at the oddest moments.

Which brings up the coolest thing about this mystical, mysterious castaway adventure: Every fan has a different question which matters to them.

Certainly, there's more than enough to go around. Just about three weeks before the final season kicks off, it seems there are more questions about the mysteries at the heart of the show than ever before.

A trippy tale about a few dozen people stranded on a tropical island has morphed into a sprawling narrative including polar bears, a smoke monster, time travel, a man who never ages and a man in black who can seemingly inhabit the bodies of dead people.


Some people want to know if the castaways were brought to the island for a reason. And if so, why?

Others want to know if the island is alive? Or if it is embodied in two seemingly supernatural characters we met last season, Jacob and the Man in Black.

Even since time travel emerged as a major theme, the question persists about destiny -- Is everything destined to be, or can you change your fate?

And some of us just want to know if hero Jack is ever going to stop whining about his life.

Lost-kate-gun As the show returns for its last episode Feb. 2, we're going to list the 20 most pressing questions the finale season MUST answer. And we want your help.

So start here. Tell us what burning questions you feel must be handled this season to keep you from storming ABC headquarters and dragging producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof out by their short hairs.

Because, I'm telling you, if that smoke monster isn't sufficiently explained, I'll be the first one waiting in the network parking lot.

Check out ABC's cool catchup video below, just in case you need to brush up on the particulars, or spend as much time as you can steal from work sifting through a way cool LOST starter kit by clicking here:

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