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Media Transparency in an Online Universe



When I decided to write a piece about the growing need for media transparency in today's news universe, little did I know the story would wind up serving as its own little experiment in news distribution and disclosure.

My end of the transparency experiment starts here, with the disclosure that this column is my first story to be published on the Mothership Web site with no concrete plans for publication in the newspaper's print edition.

The backstory is relatively simple: I pulled together a piece looking at why leading newspapers seem to be doing some of their best work these days, while absorbing some of their harshest criticism. The answer: a growing demand for the story behind big stories that is harder to ignore in a world of blogs and instantaneous criticism.

Because the story was long, we have lots of competition for the front page and the subject might seem like inside baseball to readers, my bosses decided to try something new and publish it on the web Monday night as a bit of an experiment. Hopefully, those of you who care about the subject will find it easily; and as always, you can leave your thoughts about this strategy here.

I'm hopeful this will get the story to folks who care quickly as possible -- even if the result is even more demand for the stories on how we all get our big stories.

A few links you might also find interesting:, Jay Rosen's PressThink, the Huffington Post and David Berlind's media transparency experiment. And, of course, one of the biggest sites to help spread the word when journalists write about media is Jim Romenesko's Media News blog on the Web site of the Poynter Institute (which also owns the St. Petersburg Times), linked in the right-hand column.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:35pm]


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