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Memo to ABC: Is It Wise to Send Obese People on a Death March to Lose Weight?



Somebody at ABC must be really pissed that Biggest Loser works so well for NBC.

Fatmarch_feature_0807 Why else would they be trying to so hard to clone the show on their own network? First, they teed up the weight-loss-for-kids reality show featuring Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq's Big Challenge. When that tanked under the weight of O'Neal's underwhelming TV presence, the alphabet network came up with the show debuting at 9 tonight, aptly-titled Fat March.

A weight loss reality show built around the notion of making participants walk 500 miles across nine states from Boston to Washington D.C., Fat March plays out like an awkward bland between NBC's Loser and CBS' Survivor, with participants given the chance to vote out people they think may be jeapordizing the effort.

Of course, one participant had to be taken away in an ambulance on what seemed like the first day. And another contestant -- why did it have to be the mouthy sister? -- quit because she couldn't handle the effort required.

Sheacarpenter TBT's Dalia Wheatt has an interesting interview with a local woman, Shea Carpenter, who participated in the show. And a look at tonight's review episode reveals a program more interesting than you might expect from the description.

Still, forcing extremely obese people to sleep outside in tents and walk 500 miles when many of them haven't exercised regularly in years -- if ever -- seems more than a little cruel. What's next -- curing bulimics by forcing them to enter a speed-eating competition?

Deggans Punditry Out of Control

I'm due to appear on  Cowhead's morning show for 102.5 The Bone at 8 a.m. or so tomorrow. But to tide you over, in case you missed it, here''s a YouTube sampling of my appearance today on CNN (thank god I was on the show with somebody who has fans rabid enough to put this stuff online!)

How did I do?

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