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More Bionic Woman Intel: No Sound, No Slow Motion, No Kidding

Want to know how much of geek I really am?

Bionicstar2 NBC timed delivery of DVDs featuring all the new shows it added to the fall schedule so critics would receive them yesterday. And when I got home, after putting my kids to bed, the wife and I stayed up to watch -- you guessed it --The Bionic Woman remake.

Unfortunately, I can't really detail the whole pilot. The networks insist that critics not review pilots when they first receive them because they can be tweaked over the summer before the show debuts.Bionicbodymap

What really happens, is that when the nets make their final decisions this week about which new shows they will actually debut in the fall, actors who were attached to pilots that didn't make it are suddenly available and can be plugged into series which need their help. (that's kind of how Rachel Dratch got replaced as the star of the fictional Girlie Show on 30 Rock by Jane Krakowski).

But I can drop a few tidbits:

Bionicoldschool1 -- Jaime Sommers - yes, she keeps the classic name - does her bionic derring-do without the patented slow-motion sequences or na-na-na-na metallic sounds of the old school bionic twosome. (Here's what I'm talking about.) I know it makes more sense for viewers who know Heroes and the Matrix better than Sasquach and the Six Million Dollar Man, but I can't help thinking a little something got lost.

-- Yes, Katee Sackhoff -- Starbuck from the Sci Fi Channel's revamped Battlestar Galactica -- appears in the pilot as a pivotal character. Makes you wonder Bionicsackhoff  whether Bionic Woman executive producer David Eick, who alsoCast_starbuck  works on Galactica, cut a deal with his bosses to share the talented actress.

-- The new Jaime Sommers is yet another Brit playing American. Check her actual patios on this clip from her successful English TV show Eastenders.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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