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More Deggans Punditry Than You Can Stand



One of the cool things about being a TV/Media nerd who spends most of his day glued to a TV set and computer screen: Other writers call you when they're working their stories.

Joescarborough So that explains why my pal Matthew Felling, most recently of CBS' now-defunct Public Eye blog, wound up calling me while pulling together a story for American Journalism Review on Morning Joe, the AM concoction MSNBC pulled together when it jettisoned Don Imus.  I'd written a long feature about Scarborough's previous program, Scarborough Country, five years ago -- even then the former Pensacola U.S. Representative resisted the way MSNBC was trying to turn him into a young Bill O'Reilly -- and I was happy to go on a bit about this, much better showcase.

The full extent of my erudition: " "Morning Joe" is not reinventing the wheel, says St. Petersburg Times media writer Eric Deggans. "The tone of the show is not a particularly groundbreaking one. It seems to be a modern-day salon." But, he adds, "It's very hard to do that well. Everybody tries to do something like that. But they've hit on a combination that works. You're hanging out with people who are knowledgeable but hip enough to be fun."

Micky_kaus_lrgthumb The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog also decided to reference the best line out of my blog post on the whole Geraldine Ferraro mess, just after praising a column by Slate's Mickey Kaus contending that she was right. "If Obama were white, he wouldn't embody hopes of a post-racial future," Kaus wrote, leaving me wondering if that's really why so many people, black and white, are voting for Barack Obama. I think people are looking for the best person to embody a post-Bush future, personally.

I've also done some talking to National Public Radio and the Los Angeles times for longer-term pieces they're doing. It's kinda nice to be appreciated -- even if these big shot outlets don't always agree with me.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:44pm]


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