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More Glee dish from co-creator Ryan Murphy: I was asked to be American Idol judge, Paul McCartney sent a tape



Glee-ryan-murphy2 LOS ANGELES -- At the risk of burning you out with too much Glee, producer Ryan Murphy and the show's stars let a lot of great tidbits loose while talking with TV critics here Monday.

Fox asked Murphy to be a judge on American Idol -- The usually loquacious producer declined to say any more to the press after admitting he was approached. So is he still in the running? And would he be a better fit with Randy Jackson and J.Lo?

Paul McCartney sent Murphy a mixtape for the show -- "I thought I was being punk'd," Murphy said. "It just sort of came out of the blue...It was two CDs and it said 'Hi Ryan. I hope you would consider some of these songs for Glee' and then it said 'Paul.'..I think it was Michelle and it had, like, these huge, of course, we are going to do something with (them)."

Sue sylvester-thumb-175x200-13200 Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester gets meaner in Glee's second season, if you can believe it -- "I have this new female football coach that I'm really out to destroy and I get awful with her," said Lynch. "I find her achilles heel and I'm relentless with her. (Will Schuester and Sue) kind of join forces, but he's such a wuss, he's never able to go in there with the velocity that I have."

Season two will be the year for the supporting characters -- "I felt, instead of going bigger and overstuffing Season 2...let's go under it," said Murphy. "Let's really sort of dwell on a lot of these supporting characters like the Santana character, the Brittany character and the Mike Chang character and the Tina character. We're giving all those actors big storylines this year, because I think people want to know about them."Glee Matthew Morrison

The show is planning a Christmas episode with Susan Boyle -- Ummm. Okay.

 The first episode of the new season is called "Auditions" -- "It's about the idea that everybody, even if you're not in high school, your daily life is an audition for something," Murphy said. "The third episode, which I think is the most controversial episode we've ever done, is about faith and has our kids talking about what God means to them."

Matthew Morrison is being punished for saying "I hope not" to doing Britney Spears episode -- "The entire episode is him saying 'No, we're not doing Britney Spears,'" said Murphy, laughing.

[Last modified: Thursday, August 12, 2010 2:16pm]


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