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More weekend funny: "(Stuff) white girls say to black girls" video takes off




Just saw this cool piece on about a really funny video lampooning all the odd stuff white girls say to black girls from blogger/performer Franchesca Ramsey.

Minus the gender stuff, it pretty much sums up that stuff I've heard over the years.

I usually don't find such questions insulting -- I want people to feel free to talk with me, as long as they're respectful and coming from an earnest place.

But it can be tiring to constantly field the same awkward questions -- and as somebody who grew up in one, I'm really over the term "ghetto" being used as an insult.

Seems the video has sparked a debate over whether it's funny or insulting, so I figured I'd bringing it here. Enjoy it below...

(Warning: title has a curse word in it).


[Last modified: Friday, January 6, 2012 1:52pm]


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