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Mother of Hiccup Girl's alleged victim speaks to NBC's Today, her story stuck on Saturday



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shannon-griffin.jpgThe question at the heart of the murder case against "Hiccup Girl" Jennifer Mee surfaces every time national media takes another bite of the story:

Will her initial fame as a girl suffering from uncontrollable hiccups earn her a lighter sentence or better treatment?

That question surfaced again on Saturday, when the Today show aired an interview with the mother of the 22-year-old Mee is accused on helping murder in a botched robbery. Shannon Griffin's mother Shanna Griffin talked with weekend Today show host Amy Robach, trying to introduce the world to her son at a time when much of the tabloid media is only interested in the girl accused of killing him.

hiccup-girl-jennifer-mee-2..jpgWhen Robach talked to Mee earlier this month, the interview was played on a Tuesday -- centerstage real estate for a morning news show like Today. The story was heralded by a press released emailed to journalists boasting of the scoop, which local and national reporters had been trying to land since she was arrested last year.

But the story told by Griffin's mother aired on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, out of the mainstream newshole. And I received no press release about the interview, though it also was a sought-after sit-down.

When Robach wrapped up the story with her co-anchor Saturday, she talked about how frustrated Shanna Griffin felt to see the world's media focus on the girl who killed her son instead of the victim.

Hard to know why Today perpetuated a bit of that same inequity in broadcasting Shanna Griffin's interview, showcasing their talk with the gilr accused of aiding his murder in a much more visible space than the interview with the grieving mother.

[Last modified: Monday, April 25, 2011 3:56pm]


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