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The MTV VMA moment everyone will be talking about tomorrow: When Kanye lost his mind



0913westswift Come tomorrow morning, we won't be wondering why MTV started its grand anti-awards show with a five minute speech by a non-singing, non-dancing Madonna talking about how much Michael Jackson's life resembled hers.

We won't be talking about the clunky Michael Jackson tribute which mostly featured a cast of no-name dancers (okay, we might spend a few minutes on the guy who almost fell over during Smooth Criminal).

We won't wonder why MTV rehired the perenially unfunny, totally potty-mouthed Russell Brand to deliver a monologue that was mostly bleeped out anyways. And we won't spend much time marveling at some of the grand performances on the night -- including Lady GaGa's gothic club gig. Beyonce's cast-of-dozens rendition of Single Ladies, Green Day urging a mob to take over the stage or Muse rocking hard.

We will, instead, remember the moment Kanye West climbed onto MTV Video Music Awards stage and ruined a young artist's moment of triumph -- no wonder the crowd broke into boos at the mere mention of his name afterwards.

Later, Beyonce asked Swift to come back on stage and complete her acceptance speech:

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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