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MTV's 2010 Video Music Awards: Where's obnoxious Kanye when you need him?



chelsea-handler-104034353.jpgJust when Kayne West decides it's time to stop being a marquee-sized a-hole, he lands on an awards show that needed a shot of old school, big-headed K-man more than ever.

Juiced by all the coverage they got last year for something that was unplanned, producers of Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards forgot to plan an actual show, relying on obscenely unfunny host Chelsea Handler and a lineup of lipsynched performances that served mostly as an argument for how creatively bankrupt pop music is these days.

Awards-wise, things were mostly predictable, too. Going in with 13 nominations, Lady Gaga was already a fave; eventually she took home eight, while featuring gay soldiers discharged from the armed forces due to their sexual orientation, previewing her next album by singing a few bars next to Cher.

The few awards Gaga didn't take home Eminem and Justin Bieber did, though Em was already on a plane to New York by the time his name was called. (got the feeling he was the smart one.)

When the most impressive moments on stage come courtesy of the stage -- a sprawling, majestic, neon-drenched work of art that MTV's cameras struggled to capture in its full grandeur -- you know there's a problem.

kanye-swift.jpgAside from Kayne's snatching the mike from Taylor Swift, last year's VMAs had eye-popping performances from Beyonce, Green Day, Muse and Lady Gaga. Madonna shed her newfound British pretensions for a moment to wax philosophically on the death of Michael Jackson. And Swift was annointed as one of the pop musics hottest new talents.

What happened this year? Handler bumbled a host of off-color jokes about sex and black men, calling Kanye "the big black elephant in the room" and begging for a ride home on the face of a hunky actor from HBO's True Blood. Eminem won two key awards and wasn't even in the house to collect them, despite kicking off the show with a rousing performance spiced by a surprise appearance from Rihanna. Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber lip-synched his way through a performance, jumped on the drums for a solo and promptly dropped a stick. Later, after winning best new artist, he wandered around the auditorium for long seconds, unsure of how to find the stage.

Here's Lindsay Lohan's much-discussed cameo appearance; click READ MORE inside the MTV video box to see the rest of my analysis, including a list of VMA winners:

2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Tags: Chelsea Handler Gets Ass-Slapped by Lindsay Lohan, MTV

cher-lady-gaga-104036858.jpgUsher proved he need a stage full of lights and two dozen backup dancers to throw off the long shadow of Michael Jackson. And Lady Gaga scooped up the video of the year award from Cher -- after getting awards from Ellen DeGeneres and the cast of Glee -- a meeting of old and new school gay icons that must have made some club kids' heads explode (speaking of Cher and her skin-tight lace and leather outfit; I hope I look that good when I'm 105 years old).

Sunday's VMA's mostly made me feel old. To these experienced ears, Ke$ha and Katy Perry's nominated hits sounded like odd dopplegangers of each other and even Linkin Park's rocked out performance was overshadowed by the setting -- a glammed out Griffith Observatory in the hills of California.

In one of many awkwardly scripted acts of daring, host Handler jumped into a jacuzzi with the cast of Jersey Shore while still clad in her little black dress and heels.

It was a sad illustration of how lame this awards show had gotten, leaving me wishing for a Kanye moment right then; or at least an accident involving a dropped microphone and a little electricity.

Any awards show that leaves you wishing Kayne West had been a bigger horse's patootie is a troubled show, indeed.


Video of the Year
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Best Male Video
Eminem - Not Afraid

Best Female video
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

lady-gaga-104034474.jpgBest New Artist
Justin Bieber -f/Ludacris Baby

Best Hip Hop Video
Eminem - Not Afraid

Best Pop Video
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Best Dance Video
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Best Rock Video
30 Seconds To Mars- Kings and Queens

Best Collaboration
Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé - Telephone

Best choreography
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Best Editing
Lady Gaga -Bad Romance

Best Art Direction
Florence + the Machine -Dog Days Are Over

Best Direction
Lady Gaga -Bad Romance

Best Cinematography
J-Z and Alicia Keyes- Empire State of Mind

Best Special Effects
Muse -Uprising

Breakthrough Video
The Black Keys - Tighten Up


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