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My best (and worst) Super Bowl commercials picked days before kickoff



31adco.600.jpgjillian-michaels-and-danica-patrick-for-go-daddy.jpgHere's the dirty little secret about all those Super Bowl commercials so many of us are supposedly dying to see during the Big Game.

Many of them aren't any good.

Still, it is likely that Sunday's game will attract the largest average audience in the history of television; some estimate up to 115-million people could show up, demolishing the record set by the series finale of M*A*S*H 20 years ago.

And because so many marketers now seek to extend the life of their ad campaign by putting stuff online and in social media, you can see a lot of the proposed Super Bowl ads before the game even starts. So, after sorting through the fifty or so spots gathered at YouTube's Super Bowl ads playlist and, I've picked out the Super Bowl spots I like before the game even starts.

There's always surprises, but take a look and see if you agree. And feel free to suggest your own possibilities in the comments sections below:



Can't go wrong with a cheesy used car ad interrupted by a badass robot. Even if it is a commercial partially promoting a super cheesy action movie.

Just when you think they can't do anything funnier with monkeys in the workplace, they give you this.


The talking babies have always felt a bit creepy. But some of these supposed "outtakes" are funnier than the original ads.

FAN FAVORITE -- Volkswagon's kiddie Darth Vader

I thought this was kind of annoying, but my pals in the office and a few online friends felt differently -- pronouncing this spot with a kid seeing his pretend world affirmed aong the cutest of the Super Bowl commercials out in advance. Against my better judgement, I'm including it here; if only to have evidence when the kid grows up to be the next Jared Loughner, or worse, the next Donald Trump..





Pepsi Max- Love hurts

Since this is one of the proposed commercials fan must vote into the big game, I'm going to assume it wont make the cut, so Pepsi won't have to apologize for wasting $3-million on an ad that insults strong black women and the men who love them.

Old Spice dude jumps the shark

I am praying the actual commercial is funnier than this tease. But I fear the Old Spice creative team just thinks any pop culture reference which tumbles out of this guy'/s mouth is comedy gold. And even he isn't that good.

Kenny G - riot suppression

Like most Saturday Night Live skits, this would have been funnier at about one-quarter the length.


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