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My favorite example of sci fi fanboy overthink: Why V's motherships don't make sense



V I'm a TV critic, so I get paid to overthink television series and concepts.

But even the guy who spent hours puzzling out the time twists in the latest Star Trek movie couldn't hope to match the level of fan boy deliberation which went into this post on the Dvice blog: Four reasons why V's motherships don't make sense.

Nevermind that V is a science fiction series about lizard-like aliens which clothe themselves in human-looking flesh, bringing 29 giant-sized spaceships to hover around Earth as they implement an as-yet-unclear plan.

It appears the fanboys have found four really outlandish reasons why the show's big motherships are too unrealistic to make sense.

The short list: Even with our inferior technology, we would see them coming; the ships are so big they would cause massive weather disruptions just by entering our atmosphere; they would require a tremendous amount of energy to stay aloft and if just one crashed, it could wipe out all life on Earth.

Read the post, because the logic backing up these arguments in unassailable, except for one thing.

When you're dissecting a show about talking lizards from space taking over the Earth, the feasiblity of their spaceships may not be the biggest sticking point..

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:03pm]


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