I can't believe I'm trying this.

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My First Lost Recaplet: Like Tugging on Superman's Cape



I can't believe I'm trying this.

It's like trying to sing the blues after a B.B. King set. Or dunking a basketball after Michael Jordan has left the building.

Nevertheless, here I am: trying to write a Lost Recaplet.Chaselostrecap

Not because I think I can do it better than my friend and predecessor Chase Squires - that guy had a facility with photoshop and bad puns I'll never match. And certainly not because you can't get this info somewhere else - ABC is now streaming the old episodes on its website here.

But because Wednesday's Lost was so damn entertaining - even though I knew a lot of it was coming.

Jacanddad Yeah, I knew Jack would have a flashback to the time he suspected his wife of cheating with his dad (can I say again: EEEWWWW!). I knew Sawyer would be locked in a cage, pushing buttons to get food. And I knew we'd see more about the mysterious malevolent Others than we ever had before.

Still, Wednesday's episode was wicked, wonderful fun. So I'm going to try recapping it MY way. No gimmicked photos or references to Gilligan allowed.

Ready? Here goes....

OthersPrepping for a book group is such a pain - burning the muffins, picking the loopy '70s music, watching the plane full of castaways plop down in the middle of your best point about Stephen King's use of the metaphysical. Turns out, the Others have a compound that looks more like a timeshare in Seaside than the tribal-looking encampment we saw last season, and that's where they watched our heroes in Oceanic Airways Flight 815 first touch down.

Our top trio - Jack, Sawyer and Kate - each get a different mind job while in the gentle custody of the Others. Jack gets a soothing talk from onetime book group Sawyercage_1 hostess Juliet in a glass-fronted cage (how long before they get really close I wonder??); Sawyer is stuck in an outside cage housing a real-life  B.F. Skinner experiment complete with levers and electric shocks, while Kate gets a shower and a seaside breakfast before her hell begins right next to Sawyer.

Meanwhile, we keep flashing back to an obsessive pre-crash Jack, trying everything short of his own torture regimen to find out who's taken up with his wife - a 'til now wasted Julie Bowen (we liked her better as the cool girlfriend in Ed). We already know Jack can be a little obsessive and fixated, so all this stuff feels a little redundant. But it does give Matthew Fox an Emmy-worthy moment as he breaks down wondering about his long, lost wife (I kept getting distracted by his stubble, which never seems to grow; did they have a beard trimmer in the hatch?).

I did have a few nagging questions: When Jack tries to escape from his cage, holding Juliet hostage, why doesn't she just tell him that opening the door he wants to go through will flood the hallway they're stuck in, because they're underwater? (instead, Jack finds out the hard way that the place he's stuck in is called The Hydra).


  And once they survive the rush of water, how does a toothpick like Juliet (stringbean Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Dr. Weaver's first lesbian lover on ER) get the power to knock out a dashing guy like Jack? I love the magic of television.

Seems our Losties are getting played as part of a larger scheme orchestrated by "Ben," the others leaders we've only known by the fake name Henry Gale before now. And so the mystery continues...

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