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My new NPR story: ABC's Missing reveals new trend of risky TV debuts in spring



missing-judd2.jpgWould you believe a show about a cop who lives in two different realities at once?

How about Ashley Judd as a mom who works as a florist and leads her PTA, but also used to be a deadly CIA operative?

My latest NPR commentary talks on how these two shows, ABC's Missing and NBC's Awake, exemplify a new trend on the small screen: rolling out risky and adventurous shows in March and April.

Years ago, networks would debut their cheesiest programs now, throwing on seriously flawed shows to fill time between important ratings periods in February and May.

But this year, you’re likely to see some of the quirkiest projects, brought to television outside the stampede of new shows which typically start in the fall.

Judd’s show Missing is a good example, featuring the Kiss the Girls star as the mother of a teen kidnapped in Italy.

Like an odd mix of the Bourne Identity and Liam Neeson’s Taken, Judd’s show features her soccer mom character breaking arms and shooting thugs across Europe to find her boy.

But delaying risky shows doesn’t always work. ABC faces some criticism over two new shows – GCB and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 – which try including a profanity referring to women in their titles (here’s a hint: its a word that rhymes with “itch.”)

Check out my commentary, and the first episode of Missing, below:



[Last modified: Friday, March 16, 2012 8:16am]


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