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My NPR adventure: talking about my book, Race-Baiter, on Talk of the Nation



51d37-cnz1l._sl500_aa300_.jpgNPR's Talk of the Nation was kind enough to center part of its second hour Thursday on discussion of concepts drawn from my new book, Race-Baiter.

We spoke for over 30 minutes about the difficulty of talking across race, the concept of white privilege, the differences between how white people and people of color may view racial progress and more.

We were even joined by a source in the book, University of Massachusetts, Amherst psychology professor Linda Tropp, who also happens to be a former  classmate from my middle school days.

Unfortunately, since NPR's local affiliate WUSF-FM (89.7) only airs the first hour of the program, many folks in the Tampa Bay area didn't get to hear the discussion. So I'm posting it here on the blog, in hopes a few more people locally can check out what turned out to be an amazing discussion.


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