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My NPR and SNL moments: Sunday night logjam meets Piers Morgan parody



girls-veep.jpgDecided to pull together two totally different media experiences in this one blog post; my latest NPR column on all the great TV shows airing Sundays and a Saturday Night Live parody which hits awfully close to home.

First, the NPR piece, which just tallies up all the cool TV shows clogging Sunday nights. I've had to do some artful programming of my DVR to catch everything  I'd like to see, aided by the fact that I get some of it early on DVD thanks to my job.

Here's a partial list of all the cool stuff airing in prime time Sundays these days: on HBO, it's Game of Thrones, new comedy Girls and an upcoming comedy with Seinfeld alum Julia Louis Dreyfus, Veep. On Showtime, Edie Falco's Nurse Jackie and Laura Linney's The Big C continue to impress. In CBS, The Good Wife pushes the boundaries of CBS-style conventional drama, followed by a new series from novelist Richard Price and Robert DeNiro, NYC 22.

Don't forget AMC's The Killing and TV's best drama, Mad Men.

Years ago, this happened on Thursdays, as networks scrambled to grab movie ads for the weekend by placing their biggest guns on that night. But these days, as cable rises, Sundays becomes more important, as a day when many people are looking to relax before the week starts and a landmark piece of television can build buzz for an entire week.

check out the audio version, which aired on NPR Friday, below.

I also tacked on SNL's excellent Piers Morgan parody, where they lampooned the show's habit of putting on a wide range of folks to talk about the Trayvon Martin shooting. I'll admit I've benefited a little from that, appearing on the show twice already to chew over developments in the case.

Given that I resemble that remark, though it would be fun to put the parody up here.



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