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My NPR hat trick: Talking The Bachelor, Trayvon Martin and Mary J. Blige's Burger King blunder



npr-button-logo.jpgI pulled a hat trick with NPR this week, appearing in different stories aired on All Things Considered, Morning Edition and the show Tell Me More.

But the achievement came for a reason; I was in Washington D.C. on Thursday to meet the folks I have been working with, long distance, for more than a year.

If you've been reading this space a while, you know I started doing regular commentaries on TV for NPR in January 2011, appearing three to four times a month talking on everything from FX's reinvention of the working class white male on TV to the glut of quality TV shows now crowding Sunday nights. (yup, New York Times picked up on that story about a week later).

So it was high time to go up to nation's capital to NPR's headquarters and meet all the faces behind the voices. But along the way, as we talked about trends in media and the news, several shows got ideas for ways I could help them with stories they were developing.

On All Things Considered, it was a discussion on how recent incidents involving race and media may indicate that the boundaries of discussion about race has changed. On Morning Edition, it was a look at how the Trayvon Martin case has played out in media. And on Tell Me More, we just had fun joking about the lawsuit filed by black men alleging they were unfairly excluded by The Bachelor.

Check out the pieces below; they were a lot of fun and testament to the quality of discussion possible on public radio:



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