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My NPR stuff: Talking Playboy Club, TV women and Emmys on three shows in two days



npr-button-logo.jpgWhen it wind up doing a lot of public radio appearances.

The start of the Fall TV season is always a busy time for us critics; we're rushing to get at all the stories unfolding around us while also appearing on other media outlets to help explain this clown car collision involving dozens of new broadcast network shows debuting at the same time.

Which helps explain how I ended up on three NPR shows in two days.

I'm proudest of the audio column I wrote about NBC's The Playboy Club and ABC's Pan Am, two shows which try to tap nostalgia for 1960s-era glamor through the lens of two institutions which were tough on women: Playboy and the stewardess corp. of the airline Pan Am. (Variety's

the_playboy_club_32014.jpgI also talked a bit about the Emmys and fall TV with All Things Considered host Michele Norris -- who I also traded tweets with during the actual Emmycast (we both think Luther star Idris Elba got robbed).

And Tell Me More host Michel Martin also got in on the fun, pairing me with the Detroit News' L.A.-based TV critic Mekeisha Madden Toby for a little old-fashioned catty commentary on the Emmy awards and television in general.

For an NPR nerd like myself, it was heaven; I love discussing TV on a platform as wide-reaching and erudite as National Public Radio. But I will certainly understand if listeners get tired of me clowning around there.

Check out all the appearances below and feel free to weigh in yourselves (like I have to tell you that!)

ATC-falltv by eric-deggans


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