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My prediction for who leaves Dancing with the Stars tonight: Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton




Predicting who will get ejected in the early days of Dancing with the Stars is always a delicate art.

That's because the early losers on ABC's widely-watched dance competition usually combine two deadly characteristics: an obvious lack of dancing skill with a decided lack of popularity with DWTS' broad -- okay, older -- audience.

Which means this cycle's competition -- with a record 16 c-list celebrities scrambling for magazine covers and fun stories on Access Hollywood -- has way too many people onboard who fit that particular bill.

First off, forget the show's worst dancer, former congressman Tom DeLay. He's this season's designated comic relief, and those guys always stick around for at least a few episodes, moved along by voters who seem to take masochistic pride in enduring performances devoid of rhythm or motor skills.

But the ladies' worst dancer, pop singer Macy Gray, committed several cardinal sins during the ladies dances Tuesday night.


She was a boring dancer, she was uncomfortably eccentric (DWTS only likes delirious crazy people, like Cloris

) and she was shown trying to learn dances while on tour -- which indicates a certain lack of commitment. Another singer, Mya, proved the best female dancer, followed quickly by model Joanna Krump)

Celebrity offspring Ashley Hamilton is the guy unlucky enough to combine two left feet with relative obscurity.

His only hope: if the grandmas in the audience don't see their grandsons in snowboarder Louis Vito and take him out instead.

The double eliminations are scheduled for early in tonight's episode, and we can always hope for a DeLay upset.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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