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NBC gets my memo about age, adds Justin Timberlake to Jimmy Fallon's Monday debut



Justin_timberlake_2 Perhaps I should get a consulting fee from NBC.

Last week, I noted that NBC seemed to have an awfully old-skewing roster of guests for the inaugural week of its new 12:35 a.m. talk show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Names like Robert De Niro, Van Morrison and Donald Trump were star-studded enough, but seemed more like Leno's late-boomer demographic.

Lo and behold, the network sends out a release today noting that youthful pop legend Justin Timberlake has joined the batting order, parachuting into Fallon's debut show with De Niro and Morrison to pull down the average age of the guests south of the half-century mark.

(Remember, this is the star who pulled together a last-minute duet with Al Green to help out the Grammy awards when Chris Brown opened a can on Rihanna, scotching their planned performance.)

Also joining the week's roster, Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford and the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Looks like somebody's worried about keeping young eyeballs off their Wii consoles and away from rival Craig Ferguson -- who will spend prime time and late-night Monday hanging with youthful sex kitten Paris Hilton.

The struggle for 20-something hearts, minds and viewing habits has begun in earnest. And, of course I was joking about NBC "borrowing" my idea.

Though, if they rip me off again, I just hope they remember to give me credit.


Click below to read NBC's release:


Justin_timberlake New York, NY – February 25, 2009 – Justin Timberlake will join Robert De Niro and musical guest Van Morrison in studio 6B for the premiere of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Monday, March 2 on NBC at 12:35 a.m. ET.  Also added to the show's star-studded lineup will be "Gossip Girls'" Chace Crawford (March 6) and musical guest Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (March 4).

Already scheduled to appear on the show during it's inaugural week are Tina Fey, Jon Bon Jovi and Santigold (Tuesday, March 3); Cameron Diaz and Billy Crudup (Wednesday, March 4);  Donald Trump, Serena Williams and Ludacris (Thursday, March 5); and Drew Barrymore and Mario Batali (Friday, March 6).

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is produced by Universal Media Studios and Broadway Video. Lorne Michaels is the executive producer. Michael Shoemaker produces.  Gavin Purcell co-produces.12

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