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Neil Patrick Harris hosts the most entertaining Emmycast in recent memory




Everything about tonight's Emmy awards was reinvented, re-invigorated and revitalized -- except the list of winners.

Host Neil Patrick Harris was a witty charming guide, despite some quite visible nerves and a habit of ironically announcing how funny the bits were that fell flattest.

Fortunately, those failures were few. Instead, producers built one of the most entertaining Emmycasts in recent memory on a barrage of funny moments and twists, keeping even jaded awards show viewers guessing in a way that avoided seeking heat from Kanye West-style embarrassments.

Highlights included: comic Sarah Silverman awaiting an award announcement in a fake moustache; Daily Show castmember John Hodgman providing fake facts about awards winners; Harris' character Dr. Horrible taking over the show during the obligatory accountant's speech; Late Night host Jimmy Fallon taking a pratfall while talking to the audience through an auto-tuner, calling for help in a weird, computerized voice.


So what if grandma didn't get all the jokes?

This was an Emmycast which embraced quality TV as a hip, fun niche for fans in the know. If you don't know who Dr. Horrible is, you better ask somebody, or flip over to the Giants-Cowboys game.

With all this surprisingly cool comedy, it almost didn't matter that the second half of the show felt like a re-run when it come to winners announced, with Mad Men, 30 Rock, Bryan Cranston, Alec Baldwin, Glenn Close, Jeff Probst and The Amazing Race all reprising wins in the same categories from last year.

Best of all, the show only went about five minutes overtime. Is there nothing Doogie Howser can't do?

Check his Dr. Horrible gag below:

And the opening number:

Click below to read some of my fave tweets from @Deggans:


--NBC anchor Brian Williams reads list of SNL writers at Emmys. I'm betting that by the end of 2010, Williams will have his own sitcom.

--Wait a minute -- Emmy gives award to director who let most-watched live show on TV run way over two or three times? Really?

---Note to host NPH: You only get to say an unfunny joke is funny twice before the audience rises up and takes matter into its own hands...

---Kevin Bacon geek glasses -- do we like or not?

---In movies and miniseries, they should just have a special Emmy which sits at HBO headquarters forever. Save time for more dance numbers!

---Can't believe Rob Lowe has the cojones to remind us of CBS flop Dr. Vegas -- AND that he passed on Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy role to do it

---Office director Jeffrey Blitz won Emmy for the funniest first 5 minutes ever seen on TV. Office freaks at fire drill they think is real

---Not only is John Hodgman bringing the funny on Emmycast, he's tweeting the funny: @hodgman "Justin timberlake borrowed my glasses."

---I think Jon Cryer wore his upholstery-colored sweater vest because he was sure he wouldn't win.

I'll eventually have a story here breaking down why appearances by Dr. Horrible, a mustachioed Sarah Silverman and singing, dancing Doogie Howser added up to heckuva night of entertainment.

Until then, cruise over to Twitter and get the scoop, with snark blasters set on full...

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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