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Nerding out with the Iron Man 3 trailer: The Mandarin and Tony Stark's celebrity at centerstage



iron_man_3_13422843886083.jpgApologies for posting this one day after the world jumped all over it, but I just had to throw up the official trailer for Iron Man 3 -- just to keep them from taking away my official fanboy membership card.

ironman3.jpgFrom the looks of things, Tony Stark's post-Avengers restlessness, his growing public profile and classic comic book villain The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) will be his new nemeses. It has lots of stuff we've come to expect from the Iron Man movies -- cool new ways of putting on the armor, lots of eye-popping spectacle and a flawed hero whose jumpy, self-centered brilliance always proves to be his biggest Achilles heel.

(Also cool to see they may answer a question I asked myself while re-watching the first movie recently; don't they yet have the technology to pull that shrapnel out of his chest, already?) 

It's clear, even from this brief clip, why Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice for Stark. His own public profile closely mirrors the journey of Iron Man's creator -- minus the hilariously charming patter -- as Downey's brilliance and charisma as an actor was only equaled by his talent for self-destruction and appetite for controlled substances.

kingsley-mandarin.jpgEven after many years sober, he always seems a bit like a man charmingly and compellingly hanging onto life by his fingernails. And that's a wonderful quality to bring to a superhero, who must seem both immensely powerful and capable of failure at any moment to inspire a quality story.

Judging from the other stars packed into this movie -- from Guy Pearce to Rubicon's James Badge Dale -- I'm thinking there won't be room for my favorite Iron Man storyline: The time when writers had Stark struggle with alcoholism, just as the true nature of the disease was starting to hit the public space in the '70s.

At any rate, the trailer looks amazing -- even more so, because principal photography reportedly isn't even finished.

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