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New Dark Knight Rises trailer proves how seriously Chris Nolan takes his comic book movies

tom-hardy-as-bane-in-the--007.jpgHere's how you know Dark Knight Rises director Chris Nolan is serious about his comic book movies.

Star Thomas Hardy, who plays a unique, Batman-crushing villain named Bane, does not show his face.

Watch trailers and promotional videos for that other superhero franchise debuting this week -- the attendants, the attractions, no, The Avengers -- and there is hardly a scene where the film's movie star cast isn't ripping off their masks to make sure fans get to see Robert Downey Jr.'s and Chris Evans' beauteous mugs on full display.

It makes all kinds of sense in the movie world; after paying millions to rope a movie star into your comic book franchise, you want to make sure his/her face is obvious and omnipresent. But for fanboys who grew up with superheroes with secret identities and classic disguises, all the ripping off of masks and movie star mugging feels a bit, well, false.

christian-bale-batman-tom-hardy-bane-the-dark-knight-rises-01.jpgSo thank heaven we have Nolan, returning to a genre he conquered just a few years ago, to remind everyone that a comic book movie doesn't have to be a fun romp with charismatic cut-ups. It can be a taut thriller where there is real skin in the game, real stakes at hand -- its interesting that no villains in Batman movie want to conquer or destroy the world; Gotham City is their sole objective.

Fanboys know that the character Hardy plays broke the Batman's back in the comic books. This new trailer hints that the onscreen Bane has a similar beat down planned for Christian Bale's Dark Knight.

With Anne Hathaway on hand as cat burglar Selina Kyle, there's even hope one woman in the cast might get to do more than make Bale's Bruce Wayne feel guilty and attract super villain attention.

So, much as this fanboy is jonesing for The Avengers on Friday, I'm hoping Nolan's the Dark Knight Rises goes it one better.

See the new trailer below:


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 10:11am]


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