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New Facebook movie rocks! How has Facebook changed your life?



TheSocialNetworkMovieTrailer.jpgNot to steal any thunder from my pal and colleague Steve Persall, but I saw a preview screening Thursday of the new movie about Facebook, The Social Network -- I'm writing about FB, of course -- and was blown away. Particularly, because the writer, Aaron Sorkin, is open in his disdain for social media and the impact of the Internet on us all.

Fittingly, The Social Network isn't really about Facebook, except in the ways that the circumstances of its creation allows Sorkin to explore territory he knows amazingly well -- the quirks and pathologies of the alpha males who run big chunks of our world.

In fact, this movie seems mostly about the transition of power from the traditional elites -- embodied in the handsome, Harvard-focused Winklevoss twins; Olympic-level athletes who accuse Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of ripping off their ideas to create the platform. Instead, that power has shifted to the geeks; computer geniuses like Zuckerberg who know what the cybersurfing masses want because it's also what they feel in their bone marrow -- a way to connect with their peers in an environment where THEY get to be the cool, in control alpha dogs.

Sorkin's fleet script shows Zuckerberg combining a freakish programming ability with a pathological lack of social skills and a shark's brutal focus on his own goal: creating the most impactful online platform possible. The question left hanging: If a guy like that does what it takes to create one of the most successful businesses on the planet, does it make him an a--hole or a genius? Or both?

Of course, this focus also turns Facebook and its followers -- and nearly every female character in the film -- into a backdrop for the real action among the power players. Which leaves open a much more tantalizing question, worth chewing over as The Social Network hits theaters next Friday.

social-networking-addictive-1.jpgHow is Facebook changing all our lives? For better and for worse?

Weigh in here, and your feedback will help shape a story I'm working on asking those very same questions. And don't bother with stories about reconnecting with old flames or finding former classmates. that's obvious, kids stuff. I'm talking society-changing, world shaking, life altering stories.

The cyberfloor, so to speak, is now yours.

To help spark some debate, check out the trailers below (though I'll warn you, they really don't capture the movie's greatness very well)

[Last modified: Friday, September 24, 2010 10:03am]


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