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New NPR column: How using my DVR uncovered a new sort of program; the like-it-but-don't-love-it show



dvr2.jpgI've had a digital video recorder in the house and at work for some time now, and I've found it has altered my TV watching in ways i could never imagine.

You first fire up a DVR because it can catch all the shows you never had time to watch, saving them for when you're really ready to check them out. No more missed series finales, forgotten sporting events or unseen cliffhangers. Just tell the DVR which shows you want to keep watching, and the machine does the rest.

But over time, you begin to realize that there are different levels of show which wind up in your DVR roster, many of which you really don't feel the burning need to watch in any given moment.

ahskeyart_hashtag.jpgThat's the like-it-but-don't-love-it shows.

I pulled together a fun essay for NPR on how i learned to deal with these programs, along with their distant cousin, the used-to-like-it show.

My likes-but-don't-loves include American Horror Story (upgraded from an outright hate it from last year), Royal Pains, Terra Nova and CBS' Blue Bloods (sucker for a cop show).

My used-to-like-it shows include The Office, Burn Notice, House and Law & Order: SVU (told ya about the cop shows).

These are the shows which land on my DVR more than any other -- and which also seem to land on Nielsen's list of most time-shifted shows.

Check out my NPR column on it all below:




[Last modified: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 1:09pm]


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