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New weight loss show from producers of The Biggest Loser to audition hopefuls in Tampa May 22

Chrispowell Producers are calling it the "ABC weight loss project," though at least one news account gives the title as Extreme Weight Loss. And since it hasn't actually debuted yet, there no video clips or samples available.

But the company behind such reality TV classics as The Biggest Loser and Breaking Bonaduce is crafting a new unscripted weight loss TV show for the ABC network, this time, featuring a trainer and experts who come to the participant's hometown and spend a year training them.

And the show's casting agents are coming to Ybor City next week, May 22, from 10AM-5PM at The Italian Club, 1731 E. 7th Ave., Tampa, FL 33629.

Here's the catch (knew there had to be one, didn't ya?): you must need to lose at least 200 pounds.

The trainer who will work with participants in Chris Powell (right), from TLC's 650-pound virgin TV show. And the show's casting agents are visiting just six cities across the country to find their subjects; one season of the show reportedly has already been filmed.

Which means, when this thing finally debuts, I'll probably wind up covering a hometown hero in the middle of it. Maybe you.

Biggestloser-KaiHibbard I'm a bit ambivalent about such weight loss shows, particularly after my feature story earlier this year on Biggest Loser alum Kai Hibbard, now living in the Tampa Bay area, who told a harrowing story of pushing her body to ridiculous levels to compete on the show, with the complicity and urging of the program's producers.

But if you're willing to roll the dice, there's another show out there looking for people with extreme weight issues to save or exploit. Just walk in with your eyes wide open.

Here's a little more background on the show, and here's another casting page for the show's producer, 3 Ball Productions.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:08pm]


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