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The News Industry Online in 2006: Big and Getting Bigger



A complimentary reader emailed yesterday with comments on my story about Craigslist founder Craig Newmark's developing online project aimed at highlighting "trusted" news sources -- an outgrowth of the idea that mainstream news outlets can't be trusted to sort through their own agendas in presenting news anymore.

Also referencing a recent story I pulled together on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Joe noted, "I think you've touched upon two nascient information sources that will become as well-known as in just a few years. Too bad they're not publicly traded, eh?" He offers more thoughts in a post on the Daily Kos blog.

(Deland-based Wikipedia administrator Kat Walsh)

I think Joe makes an excellent point: With established news outlets moving more aggressively into cyberspace, the need for new ways to sort though all this data has emerged -- and the pointy heads who figure out how to corner that market may become the next Google or MSNBC.

Right now, mainstream media companies are throwing everything against the wall when it comes to on demand technology; podcasts, blogs, streaming video and more. Sorting the wheat from the chaff will be an awesome task, and the site which does it best will have news junkies lined up from here to the Drudge Report.

Which leads me to ask: What do you think? How do you sort through all the news and information online, and which sources do you trust most these days? And while I'm asking, what do you think the major challenges are for media outlets in 2006?

I guess I'm starting out the New Year on a curious tip...

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:35pm]


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