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News media gets righteous skewering in two sketches on Jennifer's Lawrence's SNL episode



jennifer-lawrence-snl-1.jpgThey took hilarious shots at the Hunger Games and The Hobbit, but Saturday Night Live's writers seemed to save their best shots for the news media in Saturday's episode, featuring Hunger Games/Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence as host.

jennifer-lawrence-hunger-games-snl-sketch.jpgTaran Killian's spot-on Piers Morgan impersonation is always a treat, so opening the program with an inspired take on Morgan interviewing Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o was ripe satire -- skewering our obsessive news coverage of the week's two blockbuster sports scandals (also made me think of the real reason I don't believe Te'o was uninvolved in the hoax -- who lets their lifelong love suffer and die from leukemia without seeing them in person one time?)

And the press conference after the Hunger Game ended was an amazing look at how dumb press conferences can be. What some folks don't realize, is that some smart journalists save their smartest questions for more private settings, so the high-profile press conferences can be a cavalcade of nonsense.

Check it out and enjoy the brightest spots from SNL in the process:



[Last modified: Sunday, January 20, 2013 1:30pm]


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