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Now that Katie's Gone, Who's Next?



Even though Columbia Journalism Review is already complaining about all the Katie Couric coverage -- wait until she actually announces what she's doing, guys! Then you'll see what media overkill really means -- I couldn't help but think on who might replace our morning show diva.

Here now, is a list of the prime candidates to join NBC's First Family and their qualities. Feel free to spitball on any you think I missed...

Campbell Brown

Current gig: main reporter for NBC Nightly News and co-anchor weekend Today.

Pluses: Actually knows hard news stuff, like members of Congress and how laws get made.

Minuses: So thin she might disappear on that couch between Al and Matt. And did you see that dork (Fox News analyst Dan Senor) she just married?

Ann Curry

Current gig: Unthreatening Today show newsreader, whose cluelessness kept Couric from feeling challenged.

Pluses: Um....let's come back to that one.

Minuses: Inability to complete a five minute newsbreak without mangling words; News sense so keen she's been covering the McCaughey septuplets story for five years.

Oprah Winfrey

Current gig: The real Queen of All Media.

Pluses: Did I mention she's the queen of all media? Plus, her treatment of James Frey shows she knows how to tear an interviewee a new one when needed.

Minuses: Probably not willing to take the pay cut.

Marge Simpson

Current gig: Housewife, mother and caretaker of a blithering idiot.

Pluses: TV-ready hairstyle; Skilled at suffering through cluelessness and great at making dim bulbs look a little brighter.

Minuses: Voice not exactly the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Oh, and she's not, like, a real person.

Looks like NBC's morning franchise will be in capable hands!

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:36pm]


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