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NPR's Barbershop: Is Obama doing too much?



Obamajayz I admit, I've had little patience with those who are squawking about the administration's performance in dealing with the country's snowballing economic crisis.

Every day, I wake to breathless reports on the Today show and various cable channels echoing the chatter of the moment: Is President Obama not doing enough? is he doing too much? Is he not spending enough? Is he spending too much? Is the honeymoon over?

Most of this commentary seems shortsighted and unwilling to acknowledge a simple fact: He hasn't been president for two months yet. Most of his efforts have only barely begun. 

How can anybody measure, in less than two months, the success of an effort aimed at bolstering an economy that has been plunging for at least a year?          Tell_me_more_image_300

That's the subject that consumes most of The Barbershop segment on today's edition of NPR's show Tell Me More. It's freewheeling discussion among several pundits of color that hosts Michel Martin and Jimi Izrael are kind enough to let me join occasionally.

I don't think I did a particularly good job on this one. But the rest of the guys (and gal) were really funny. So check it out by clicking here.*

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:56pm]


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