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Paris Hilton offers better energy plan than Obama or McCain



Obamahilton   The morning news shows were buzzing today about Paris Hilton's response to John McCain's ad comparing her to Barack Obama.

My first thought after watching this: It's a shame we don't know who actually wrote this rebuttal, because it's way funnier than most things either candidate has said when they were trying to be funny.Parishiltonknees

Also, as Joe Scarborough pointed out on his MSNBC show Morning Joe about 50 times today, the energy plan she outlines as a joke is better than the joke of an energy plan either candidate has presented.

So, hats off to whatever comedy mind the millionaire heiress hired to pull this together. In the end, it may be a net gain for McCain, because it keeps people talking about his original ad without requiring him to pay any money to actually air it anywhere.

Gotta love modern American politics.

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[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:50pm]


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