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Pat Robertson's Worst Nightmare: WGAY TV



Gaytv Dunno how I missed this story, but a TV station in -- where else? -- Key West is preparing to become the first over-air station targeting gay viewers. The start date's been pushed back from January to February, but that didn't stop Late Show with David Letterman from offering a Top 10 list pegged to what South Florida viewers can expect once the station comes online.

Check it out:

10. "How I Met Your Brother"
9. "Gary's Anatomy"
8. "Desperate Poolboys"
7. "Everybody Loves Raymond...Especially Steve"
6. "The King Of Queens"
5. "Not-So-Smallville"
4. "I Dream Of Gene"
3. "Gays Of Our Lives"
2. "My Name Is Earl And I Like Construction Workers"
1. "His Deal Or No Deal"


Classic good news/bad news scenario for us newspaper types in media use figures recently released by the Census Bureau.

Mediausage Good news -- Americans spend more time with media, about 9.5 hours, than any other activity except breathing. Bad news -- less of that time is spent with newspapers than ever, with time spent on the Internet eclipsing time spent with newspapers for the first time.

Here's the figures projected for next year, courtesy of the Associated Press:

1,555 hours watching television, up from 1,467 in 2000. The estimate includes 678 hours watching broadcast TV and 877 watching cable and satellite.

974 hours listening to the radio, up from 942 in 2000.

195 hours using the Internet, up from 104.

175 hours reading daily newspapers, down from 201.

122 hours reading magazines, down from 135.

106 hours reading books, down an hour.

86 hours playing video games, up from 64.

Beefin' Wth NewsBlues
Much as I enjoy reading Mike James' spicy industry Web site NewsBlues, the one place we often agree to disagree is on racial issues.

At the risk of speaking for somebody else, I think Mike feels minorities have too often used the TV industry's concern over looking racist to unfairly get jobs and push for special treatment.

Today, a few days after linking to my column on CBS' lack of diversity, he published this paragraph about somebody hired at a CBS-owned station:

"Burton's hire is part of the "CBS News Development Program" designed
to train young reporters and producers at CBS-owned stations in local
markets for two years, with the goal of then promoting them to the
network. CBS News is covering Burton's salary, giving WBZ, which
recently cut back on freelancers and overtime, an extra set of hands.
(So much for squeaky wheel claims that CBS isn't making an effort to
develop minority talent.)" 

So much for accuracy as well -- my column never claimed they weren't making an effort, and actually detailed the program he references. My point was that it seemed a late effort, and it would take years to see these hires get to the network level -- which is bound to be true in Burton's case if he's just starting work at an O&O now...

But it's a lot easier to knock down a point I never made than address the problem I clearly outlined.

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