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PolitiFact and CNN in the Daily Show's crosshairs: Fact-checking SNL brings a comedy smackdown



Stewart-shake Normally, the halls in Timesland would be filled with celebration over a mention on the altar of media cool, The Daily Show.

But Monday's edition of the show started with a smackdown: host Jon Stewart ridiculing a CNN story based on PolitiFact's tongue-in-cheek fact-check of a Saturday Night Live sketch a few weeks ago.

Here's how weird this whole thing has gotten, mediawise; a flurry of blog posts and now the Daily Show are snarking at CNN for fact-checking a comedy skit, when all they really did was interview PolitiFact editor Bill Adair about our analysis. Which itself was kind of a fun way to look at how comedy sketches can exaggerate not-quite-true ideas into solid concepts for viewers.

I guess it wouldn't be as much fun to lampoon the St. Petersburg Times or PolitiFact, and I'm sure the folks at our fact-checking site are savoring the irony of CNN taking lumps for a story that started on our Web site.

Along the way, Stewart and Co. manage to lampoon another curious quirk of media; the fact that 24-hour cable newschannels, despite having all day to air material, divide their broadcasts into such short chunks, they often can't present discussions or stories long enough to cover the issues at hand.

Somewhere at the heart of this is a really weird concept that a comedy show would get up on a high horse about another show poking fun at a satire that aired on a totally different comedy show.

My brain hurts now. Check it out below.



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:02pm]


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