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Port St. Lucie Woman Wins Nearly $2-Million on ABC's Duel



Duellogo128_2 The final winner on ABC's incomprehensible six-evening game show Duel turned out to be Port St. Lucie resident Ashlee Register, known as "The Nurse", who walked away with $1.795-million in winnings after tonight's hourlong finale.

Unfortunately, critics across the country have dismissed the game as too complex and too slow, taking extra time to bash the show's host, radio personality Mike Greenberg. Viewers have been lukewarm, though ratings have grown for the series as the week wore on. Register, who came out on top among 24 contestants who started the show last week, currently lives in Port St. Lucie and lived until 2 years old in Tallahassee.

Register outlasted Robert Elswick II (“The Used Car Salesman”) to become the final winner. Register won on one question in final game -- “Which of these weighs more: A. A gallon of water; B. A gallon of crude oil; C. A gallon of vegetable oil; D. They all weigh the same” (answer = A).Duel_ashlee_register_2

Here's ABC's bio on Register:

Age: 28
Occupation: RN - Cardiology
Hometown: Port St. Lucie, FL

Ashleeregisterduel Ashlee and her husband, Jeff, spent their recent honeymoon in the Bahamas with an unexpected guest -- Tropical Storm Noel. What was supposed to be a weekend of fun and sun ended up a nightmare. They were shut in their hotel room and did not see any sunlight until the morning of their flight home.

Ashlee and her husband do not have any children but they do have three "kids" -- a trio of Labrador retrievers. Ashlee says this family came together in a very "Brady Bunch" fashion. She had a chocolate and yellow lab and Jeff had a black lab. She says his love of dogs was one of the initial reasons why she began dating him.

In 3rd grade, Ashlee's house nearly caught on fire. Thankfully, the fire was put out without too much damage to the house and backyard. Ashlee will never forget this day because the random fire served as an introduction to her best friend, Sarah, who lived around the corner.

Greenbergduel Here's how ABC describes Duel: "In a cutting edge format – combining trivia challenges like those on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” with the strategy played in the “World Series of Poker” -- 24 contestants are given the chance to duel against one another in a mental and intellectual showdown that combines nail-biting trivia fun with the unfortunate reality that, if someone gets one question wrong – just one question – that player loses the match. The top four contestants qualify to ‘duel’ for the guaranteed jackpot. Contestants in “Duel” have been chosen for their confidence and charisma, a love of trivia and an obsession for competition. These 24 people will become characters to root for (or against) during the six nights. Examples of contestants include The Marine Alligator Wrestler, The Lunch Lady, The Rocker, The Used Car Salesman, The Funeral Home Director, The Cab Driver, The Nurse and The Belly Dancer – the key being that not everything will be revealed about contestants’ backgrounds before they choose their opponents in a duel."

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