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President Obama on Bin Laden raid to 60 Minutes: "I didn't tell my own family" about preparations

obama-60x-large.jpgWhat does it take to keep one of the biggest secrets in Washington D.C.?

According to President Obama, keeping news secret that the CIA and military had found Osama bin Laden's possible home and was training a SEAL team to capture or kill him required leaving most of his senior aides and his family out of the loop.

Obama spoke to 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft last week, just a few days after his announcement late Sunday night that bin Laden had been killed in a $1-million compound in Pakistan.

Kroft has become the president's unofficial voice in television, providing key interviews to one of the largest news audiences in television at pivotal moments in his administration.

In this interview, the president reveals how some aides opposed sending in a team, the administration and intelligence officials were never totally sure bin Laden was there until the SEALs made contact with him, many of his most senior aides had no idea the raid was being planned and he was touring tornado damage in the South on a Friday, just after giving the decision to send the team in, unable to tell even his family what was going on.

It's an interesting look at how one of the most important military operations in recent history was pulled off.

See the full transcript of the interview by clicking here; look below for the video:

[Last modified: Monday, May 9, 2011 12:00am]


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