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President Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon; calls scandalized Secret Service agents "knuckleheads"



fallon-obama.jpgWho would have thought, watching Jimmy Fallon struggle to fit into Conan O'Brien's shoes just a few years ago, that he would grow good enough at his late night hosting job to welcome the President of the United States?

But on Tuesday, Fallon lodged another high water mark, welcoming President Barack Obama in a lengthy appearance which included a turn in the show's "slow jam the news" segment and lots of interview time.

It's a move which made sense for the president, pushing an extension to low interest rates for student loans and trying to energize young potential voters, which fills Fallon's audience.

And despite griping from political opponents that the appearance was beneath him, Obama also pulled off something his opponent Mitt Romney could likely never handle -- looking confident and relaxed in a talk show environment where he could poke a little fun at his own image and the stuffiness of political convention.

More than anything, this appearance was another sign that Fallon has ascended as a late night host, filling the job better than anyone except perhaps mentor Lorne Michaels may have expected.

Maybe now he's ready for his next big challenge -- bringing on Romney and making him look personable, too.


[Last modified: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:12am]


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