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President Obama's birther announcement reveals bitter truths about politics, media and race relations



barack_obama_speech_33.jpgFor those of us who believe our media reveal deep-seated truths about our society, President Obama's response today to the allegations he wasn't born in America cracked open a treasure trove of bitter, tough to face lessons.

Obama handled the press conference itself deftly, placing most of the blame on the need for such an announcement squarely on the shoulders of the news media (see the PDF of his long form birth record, release today, right here). Opening his speech with a jab at the TV network's pre-emption of regular programming today, he urged the country to focus on more substantive issues and avoid the "carnival barkers" pushing paranoid conspiracy theories.

(Worth noting that Poynter and the Pew Center have shown that birther stories were 4 percent of the news mix in major media during week of April 11. Although the coverage doubled to 8 percent in a week's time. H/T to Poynter's Julie Moos)

No mention of the man who kickstarted this conversation, Donald Trump. And no mention of the poll numbers cited by NBC News showing an increasing number of Republicans falling for the chatter. Rather than blame knuckleheaded Americans for doing anything more than laughing off birther allegations, he dumps scorn on an institution he knows conservatives hate, too. The news media.

He's also thrown a gauntlet to journalists, telling them in front of the world; if this conspiracy keeps spreading, it will be because of your coverage.

barack-obamas-long-form-birth-certificate-010.jpgWho would have suspected, basking in the world-changing spirit from the election of America's first black president, that three years later he would be holding a national address to refute continually debunked allegations that he is not a natural born citizen of this country?

It's an odd dance. The President must pretend the spread of birther talk is mostly about the news media, though polls show some people are falling for it. And the media pretends the spark in this fire has little to do with their willingness to give Donald Trump airtime, regardless of how stupid his allegations are.

And now that Trump has proven he can push America's uneasiness with its biracial President to the brink of polite conversation, he's ready to take another tack -- implying the leader of the free world is America's biggest Affirmative Action hire.

trump_birther_110317a.jpgDays earlier, Trump began another line of attack on Obama, wondering about his academic record and how he got into Harvard. Today, he doubled down on that talk, congratulating himself for playing "such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this (birther) issue."

No mention of Trump's insistence on CNN Monday night that Obama's birth certificate was missing or that the president spent millions of dollars to hide it or that his grandmother said he was born in Kenya before correcting herself -- all long-discredited tropes of the birther conspiracy he has re-played in recent weeks.

Having failed to prove the president isn't "one of us" Americans, he is now seeking to invalidate his accomplishments; often the Plan B for bigots looking to prove people of color really haven't accomplished anything.

To serve his ego or his career, Trump seems willing to crack open the worst elements of prejudice and bigotry, covered with the thinnest veneer of politeness. No real politician could try this high wire act without risking a fate similar to recently un-declared presidential candidate Haley Barbour, and it's telling that even the GOP's most extreme voices (Palin, Bachmann, et. al) are only tepidly backing The Donald's play.

Continuing on this path will ensure further distraction. Worse, it will turn GOP voters toward the fantasy of Trump's dishonest allegations, pulling the party even further away from political and actual reality.

At a time when the economy is still limping along and Congress is tied in knots, the best and brightest Republicans should be climbing all over each other for a shot at the president who has to take responsibility for it all.

That Trump is the loudest voice on the right today, is a gift which keeps on giving for Democrats.

Wonder if the real conspiracy is that Trump really wants to Democrats to win in 2012?

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[Last modified: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 12:07pm]


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