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Random Oscar Thoughts and Jimmy Kimmel F-ing Ben Affleck



Since everyone is bound to be talking about the Academy Awards today -- it is, after all the Super Bowl of pop culture -- I slapped together a few random observations after suffering through Tinseltown's three and a half hour orgy of self-congratulation.

Jonstewart -- Was it me, or did host Jon Stewart get increasingly unfunny as the night went on? By the time he introduced presenter Harrison Ford as one of the world's biggest movie stars or the name of a used car dealership, I was actually pining for the return of Whoopi (well, almost).

-- The women's categories seemed to be the head scratchers of the night, with Marion Cotillard's win giving ammunition to those who say Best Actress is nothing but a beauty contest anymore. Tilda Swinton's supporting actress award was so unexpected even SwintonSwinson herself was caught offguard, rising from her seat like a character from a Charles Addams cartoon wrapped in a burlap sack. (Seriously Tilda, get some sun before somebody mistakes you for David Bowie)

-- If Amy Adams could sing one of the two best song nominees from Enchanted, why did they rope Pushing Daisies co-star Kristin Chenoweth into doing the other one? And why was a song this lame nominated in the first place?

-- The best comedy bit of the night didn't even come during the Kimmelaffleck1ceremony, but during Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar show, where he unveiled his answer to girlfriend Sarah Silverman's "I'm F-ing Matt Damon" video, "I'm F-ing Ben Affleck."

This cast of thousands video, featuring everybody from Affleck and Brad Pitt to Robin Williams, Macy Gray, Harrison Ford and Josh Groban (?!) manages something I never thought possible -- topping Silverman's sidesplitting video with a even more bawdy and star-studded response.

Check it out here:


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