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Republican Candidates Agree on One Thing: Hillary Clinton is a Winner



I didn't watch much of Fox News Channel's GOP debate Sunday from Orlando -- I was too busy rehearsingFoxnewsspecialpresentation for a charity event Wednesday at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center with a band of fellow media professionals called the Deadliners.

But I did get to see some of the very special Hannity and Colmes episode which followed the debate, in which the pundits dissected the action with some very interesting tools.

Fox08gopdebate Turning to pollster Frank Luntz, they consulted a group of viewers hooked up to special polling equipment who I understood were supposed to be undecided voters. One thing Luntz claimed they had decided, however, was the need to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House -- using phrases such as "we'll beat her" or "We need to get organized" against her, responding favorably anytime a candidate bashed her. (something else I noted; the panel of undecideds seemed to be all white, with no people of color included)

Indeed, Mitt Romney referred to Clinton three times in his very first answer, providing an unsettling window into the Republicans' strategy, weeks before a single ballot is cast in the primaries. Rather than talk about our current Republican president, or a government where two of the three branches are still controlled by Republicans, or a war started by a Republican administration, they are filling time in a debate criticizing a woman who hasn't yet won her party's nomination.Giulianisweats

Bush won the presidency, in part, by emphasizing voters' fears about terrorism. Now, it seems, Republicans who would succeed him hope to win by emphasizing voters' fears about another Clinton administration.   

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