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Ricky Gervais, Ellen Barkin, Alec Baldwin among my fave celebrity tweeters for 2011



0129storytop_celebstwitter.jpgWhat makes for a great celebrity tweeter on Twitter?

For me, it's just the right combination of wit, information I didn't know and consistency -- leavened with a bit of quirky fame.

Loved following Juno/Young Adult screenwriter @DiabloCody when I first joined Twitter, but she doesn't tweet messages that are generally interesting anymore. Some folks are so hyped-up on their own pronouncements, their Twitter stream is like a nighmarish peek inside an oversize id (say, Chad @Ochocinco messaging on how Xmas music makes him feel weird or Rosanne Barr @TheRealRoseanne threatening to run for president).

And many comics who you think would be hilarious online are really not so much (sorry @AlbertBrooks).

174306-ellen-barkin-twitter.jpgSo here's my list of fave celebrity tweeters from 2011, chosen purely from the top of my head and for entertainment purposes only:

@EllenBarkin -- OK, I do still have a crush on her from The Big Easy (dating myself here!) and Bad Company. Still, on Twitter she's a brassy, 57-year-old Emmy winner who slings the f-word more than most rappers and dares the Twitterverse to do something about it. Breathtaking.

@ChrissyTeigen -- Gossip magazine readers will know her as the supermodel who John Legend finally decided to propose to -- :( -- but us Twitter stalkers also know she's funnier and more frank than most professional comics online. My fave recent tweet: "It amazes me how many people think my last name will be Legend." Think about it.

@AlecBaldwin (American Airlines edition) -- Before the infamous Words With Friends scandal, Baldwin's Twitter feed was mostly a repository for ponderous, super-liberal musing about politics and his own career. But for a few glorious hours, it turned into a front-row seat to the oddest celebrity scandal since Pee Wee Herman decided to take in a movie in Sarasota.

charlie-sheen-twitter-winning.jpg@CharlieSheen (Two and Half Meltdowns edition) -- It's actually been great to see Sheen's Twitter feed calm down to messages from the set of his upcoming FX series Anger Management and congratulations to his parents for their 50th anniversary. Because at the start of 2011, dispatched detailing Sheen's manic disintegration and firing from CBS' hit Two and Half Men spilled all over the twitterverse like flaming gasoline from the worlds worst showbiz car wreck. And yes, I was wrong about Pee Wee; this was the last, oddest celeb scandal before Baldwin and 1nick.jpgthe airline. 

@DrunkHulk and @Nick_Nolte (Nick Nolte's Mugshot) -- My two fave fake celebrity accounts, full of profane, politically incorrect humor based on sex, drugs and too much pop culture consumption. Fave recent fake Nolte post: "Just candied some oxy pills in sugar and nutmeg. Gonna toss em in the egg nog."

@RickyGervais -- From awful jokes about people with disabilities to heated arguments about religion, Gervais is a recent comer to Twitter who has made up for lost time. I only hope he lasts long enough to tweet backstage from next year's Golden Globes.


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